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Online Courses Courses – 2021 Summer

You may enroll in one to three online courses during the summer session (3 to 9 credits). Course availability is contingent upon student interest and enrollment and is subject to change. Contact the USAC Enrollment Department to request a detailed syllabus at

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Applications are still being accepted for the following courses.

Health and Wellness

  • Summer
    300-level 3 credits Taught in English

    This course is directed towards the student who wants to deepen his/her knowledge of global health and how preventive and promotive work can be carried on from an international perspective. This course also provides an introduction to problems involved in assessing international health needs and designing, implementing, managing, and evaluating public health programs in international settings. Topics include: issues in global health; major health problems and concerns of developing vs. developed countries; international health organizations; international health care systems and health development assistance; development of population/demographic transition; the global economy and health; access to medical care; cultural differences; emerging crises in global health.

Professional Language

  • Summer
    Spanish World Languages and Literatures 300-level 3 credits Taught in Spanish

    This course will provide students with the knowledge of the basic structures of the Spanish language, and the specialized medical vocabulary needed to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients in a variety of health care situations. Moreover, an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences in the health perceptions of Spanish-speaking patients will be developed. This course is appropriate for all health-related disciplines and requires some previous knowledge of Spanish.

    Prerequisite: four semesters of college Spanish

International and Cultural Studies

  • Summer
    Anthropology History Spanish 200-level 3 credits Taught in English

    This course introduces the cultures within Latin America and how it has changed over time. Students will explore the history of various Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Chile, and analyze how historical events influenced the establishment of the culture in modern societies. This course will cover topics including, but not limited to, religion, fashion, food, music, family culture, gender roles, stereotypes, politics, economics, and environmental policies.

Quick Details

2021-22 Application Cycle

Summer: Open

Fall: Open


Minimum age: 16 years old

Minimum GPA: 2.0 (3.2 for high school students)

Program Type

Specialty Online


3-18 US credits