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Online Courses

Our new Online Global Perspectives Program allows students to enroll in online courses taught by select USAC faculty based around the world. Since online courses are not limited by geography, your professors are likely to be based in different countries, allowing for a unique multicultural perspective. Learn more about online course options and pathways, eligibility and what to expect in an online global classroom below.

Course Options

The Global Perspectives program is designed with flexibiliy in mind. You may choose to take one course or six courses, mix and match between language and electives, or focus entirely within a single discipline. You may even choose to combine a virtual internship with online courses - it's entirely up to you. We've put together a few sample "Pathways" below to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Intensive Language and Culture Pathway

Languages offered: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Complete a full year of language in one semester and get a jump start on fulfilling your foreign language requirement or making headway on your major and minor. USAC’s Intensive Language and Culture Pathway will allow you to learn from some of our best instructors around the globe and progress in the language in a fun and interactive online environment.

Beginner Level

  • 8 credits of language (100-level)
  • 3-6 elective credits* in art and culture

Intermediate and Advanced Levels

  • 6 credits of language (200, 300, or 400-level)
  • 3 credits of conversation
  • 3-6 elective credits* in langauge, culture, literature and society

*Elective Course Offerings:

Taught in English (200-level): Latin America and its Cultures; Modern Chinese Culture and Society; Italian Culture; Spanish Culture and Civilization; Survey of Art I: European/Western Art

Taught in the Host Language (300-level): Business French; Business, German; Business Spanish; Spanish for Medical Professions; Survey of French Literature I; Survey of Latin American Literature; Survey of Spanish Literature I

Diverse Perspectives Pathway

Mix and match language study with electives focused on topics related to diversity and multiculturalism.

  • African Literature, 400-level
  • Buddhism in Thailand, 400-level
  • Caste, Class and Gender, 400-level
  • Communication between the Sexes, 400-level
  • Education for a Changing World, 400-level
  • Ethnic Conflict and Diversity in Europe, 300-level
  • The Holocaust: 20th Century Jewish Studies, 400-level
  • Intercultural Communication, 400-level
  • Multicultural Education Issues, 400-level
  • Population and Poverty, 400-level

First-year/Gap-year Pathway

Language courses plus any of the following 200-level courses:

  • Italian Culture, 200-level
  • Latin America and its Cultures, 200-level
  • Marketing Principles, 200-level
  • Modern Chinese Culture and Society, 200-level
  • Survey of Art I: European/Western Art, 200-level
  • Spanish Culture and Civilization, 200-level

Language + Business Pathway

Language courses plus any of the following business electives:

  • Marketing Principles, 200-level
  • Operations Management, 300-level
  • International Marketing, 400-level
  • International Business Management, 400-level
  • German for Business. 300-level
  • French for Business, 300-level
  • Spanish for Business, 300-level

Language + Health and Wellness Pathway

Language courses plus any of the following health and wellness electives:

  • Global Health, 300-level
  • Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Intervention, 300-level
  • Health and Wellness Communication, 300-level
  • Spanish for Medical Professions, 300-level
  • Mental Health Across Cultures, 400-level
  • Cognitive Psychology, 400-level
  • Health Care Services in India, 400-level

Language + International Affairs Pathway

Language courses plus any of the following international affairs electives:

  • Gandhi and Non-Violent Protest, 300-level
  • International Social Work and Development in Africa, 300-level
  • Economic and Political Institutions of the European Union, 300-level
  • Government and Politics of Latin America, 400-level
  • Latin American Social Revolutions, 400-level
  • Contemporary Political and Economic Issues in South Asia, 400-level

Any Online Course + Virtual Internship

Mix and match any Global Perspectives online course with a 3-credit virtual internship.

Apply Now


We welcome applicants who:

  • Are at least 18 years old at the time of application.
  • Have a college or university grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. (First-year and Gap-year students may apply with a minimum high school GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale.)
  • Meet the academic pre-requisites (if any) of their desired course

About Online Learning

Online students need a computer with speakers, a microphone, and a camera as well as access to reliable internet service. Access to Microsoft Teams for Education and Office 365 will be provided for the duration of the semester.

USAC's online Global Perspectives Program utilizes learning management systems that allow students to access course materials, assignments, and other course components at their convenience. Methods of instruction will vary by course and instructor but may include both synchronous and asynchronous elements. Synchronous elements include interactive discussion sessions, online chat sessions, and virtual office hours. Asynchronous elements include pre-recorded lectures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, quizzes, and more.

Although online learning is incredibly convenient, these rigorous academic courses require a significant commitment of time and effort. Be prepared to spend at least as much time engaged in study with an online class as you would in an in-person class.

Quick Details

2020-21 App. Cycle

Fall: Open

Spring: Coming soon!

2021-22 App. Cycle

Stay tuned for more information on Online course options offered this Summer, Fall & Spring.


Minimum GPA: 2.0

Program Type

Specialty Online


3-18 US credits