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Ghana Study Abroad Programs

  • Capital: Accra
  • Official Language: English
  • Currency: Ghana cedi (GHS)

Ghana was the first country on the African continent to gain independence after colonization. Having been occupied by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, Ghana still maintains much of the culture from these countries. Castles dot the landscape and forts and palaces are still in use in many parts of the country. Ghana has many miles of beautiful beaches, a rain forest that is home to rare primate species and a game park in the Northern region.

Modern Ghanaians still treasure their roots, and evidence of this is present in every aspect of society. Clothing is made from bright, colorful batiks, and men still wear toga-like clothing for special occasions. Ghana is a shopper’s paradise. Intricately hand-carved sculptures and batik cloths are abundant and, of course, there’s the gold for which the Gold Coast is famous. The government, stable now after many years of coups, is nurturing a growing economy in hopes of limiting its dependence on international monetary aid.