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Non-Traditional Locations

You might be wondering why USAC offers programs in many cities you hadn’t previously heard of. The answer is simple: USAC strategically selects locations where students will have maximum opportunities to immerse themselves in the local culture. USAC believes that students are more likely to engage in the local culture if they are not studying in cities inundated with other US students and/or tourists. Hence, you will find USAC program locations in Pau not Paris, Torino and Viterbo not Florence, and Alicante, Bilbao, and San Sebastian not Barcelona, for example. However, USAC recognizes that students are often interested in visiting these locations and may offer optional tours that provide students with this opportunity.

In many cases, USAC is one of the only program providers operating in each location. There are few exceptions to this model, when the academic focus of the program merits. For example, USAC offers an International Business program in Shanghai, China and a program focused on Art History and European Studies located in Madrid, Spain in addition to others. For the full list of USAC program sites, visit the Program section of the website.