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Field Trips and Other Activities

USAC and its host institutions organize a variety of field trips and other activities at most program locations. Many of these are free for you to participate in, so be sure to check with your on-site staff to determine what may be offered during your term abroad. On campus organizations and clubs also often have opportunities available to you while you study abroad; you'll also find that many courses have field trips built into their curricula as well.

On USAC Specialty programs, there are many field trips offered that take you to off-the-beaten-path locations that would be difficult for you to find or arrange to visit on your own. The feedback we receive most frequently from past participants is that they would have never known to visit these destinations, yet they gained so much from the experience. USAC prides itself to not only offer programs in nontraditional locations , but to also enrich your experience with excursions to culturally relevant and exciting destinations organized by our local Resident Directors.

In addition to these more formal trips, there are also many opportunities to engage in various other activities – be it social, cultural, or athletic. This could be anything from pick-up soccer games in Costa Rica to traditional card game gatherings in Japan to going out for tapas/pintxos in Spain. Check out the program-specific offerings to discover more.