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London Courses – 2023 London Met Summer I & Internship Summer II

If you have questions about the academics or courses available on this program, locate the Program Advisor to email them your questions directly.

Studying abroad can be a more meaningful and invigorating learning experience than at home—both inside and outside of the classroom. You may be more curious and alert than you usually are so use this heightened energy to enhance your studies as well as your cultural and geographical explorations. You may also encounter different teaching styles and course processes; be prepared to adapt and to learn.

London Met Summer I (June)

Choose one of the following courses offered through London Met (both 15 U.K. / 3 U.S. semester credits):

  • Strategic Brand Management: Britain, Brand, and Luxury – Explore the concepts and principles of brand management, while focusing specifically on the luxury market in London and its unique customer personas including high and ultra-high net worth individuals. Exciting elements of brand, such as cool, celebrity, scent, audio, and imagery, will be considered, alongside key brand management theories and models.
  • Politics in London – Learn about the dominant ideologies that have shaped politics in the U.K., including a study visit to the “Mother of Parliaments.” This module will explore the policy-making process, the role of women and minorities in British politics, the changing role of the Prime Minister, and the impact of Brexit on the party system and public opinion.

London Met Summer I & Internship (June & July)

After completing a four-week course in Session I (see course options above), students can choose to complete a four-week internship in Session II:

  • Internships can be arranged in a wide range of disciplines.
  • Placement hours may vary by employer, but students will generally intern four days per week and meet for one class session per week.
  • Students will earn 15 U.K. / 3 U.S. semester credits upon successful completion.

London Met’s internship office will work with you individually on internship opportunities that match your interests. Opportunities may be available in areas such as business, law, finance, human resources, marketing, computing, digital media, events, social care, education, graphic design, art journalism, sports science, and more. London Met’s internship office may facilitate an online interview between you and potential employers for an initial meeting and to determine if the internship is a good fit prior to departure. In some cases, your final internship placement may not be confirmed until you are onsite in London. Note that internship students will need to apply for and obtain a Student Visa prior to departure for England; see Passport and Visa for more information.

Course Descriptions

Please contact the USAC Advising department to obtain course syllabi.

Quick Details

2023-24 Application Cycle

  • London Imperial Summer: Open
    • Deadline: April 1
  • London Met Summer: Deadline has passed
  • London Met Fall/Yearlong: Open
    • Deadline: June 1
  • London Met Spring: Open
    • Deadline: November 1


London Imperial Summer: 2.5 GPA

London Met Summer & Semester: 2.7 GPA and minimum sophomore standing

Yearlong applicants must be degree-seeking students attending a 4-year institution at the time of application.

Program Type

London Imperial Summer: Specialty

London Met Summer & Semester: Partnership


London Imperial Summer: US Credit

London Met Summer & Semester: Overseas credit

Program Capacity

60 students




AASAP/UK -- Association of American Study Abroad Programmes United Kingdom

Passport & Visa

Passport & Visa Information