London, England
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London Courses - 2020 London Met Summer I

Summer Session I has been cancelled due to CDC and State Department advisory levels.  A decision regarding Summer Session II will be made mid-April. Please check back here for updates.

London Met Summer I

Choose one of the following courses offered through London Met (all 15 U.K. / 3 U.S. semester credits):

  • Crime in London: Myth and Reality – Learn about the criminal justice system in the capital, from the history of policing to one of the world's most famous courts, The Old Bailey. 
  • Campus to the Commons: Politics in London – Learn about the dominant ideologies that have shaped politics in the UK, including a visit to the “Mother of Parliaments”.

Potential additional courses coming soon.

London Met Summer I & Internship Summer II Only

The four-week internship follows the four-week course (listed above).

  • Students will intern four days per week and meet for one class session per week.
  • Students will earn 15 U.K. / 3 U.S. semester credits.

London Met’s internship office will work with you individually on internship opportunities that match your interests. Opportunities may be available in areas such as business, law, finance, human resources, marketing, computing, digital media, events, social care, education, graphic design, art journalism, and sports science. London Met’s internship office will facilitate an online interview between you and potential employers for an initial meeting and to determine if the internship is a good fit prior to departure.