San Ramón, Costa Rica
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About San Ramón, Costa Rica

  • Population: 30,000
  • Distance from San José: 72 miles
  • Distance from the Pacific: 25 miles
San Ramón is a relatively small city with great access to the outdoors.

San Ramón is a relatively small city with great access ...

San Ramón is situated about halfway between San José and Puntarenas, in the beautiful Central Valley of Costa Rica. Set against a dramatic backdrop of mountains, San Ramón is truly the heart of Costa Rica, where you will encounter friendly people and a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle. It is an ideal location for students interested in ecology and biology. Manuel Brenes, one of the richest forest reserves in Costa Rica, is located just outside the city. It offers a number of hiking trails and canopy tours where one can explore the cloud forest and spot rare quetzals, hummingbirds, monkeys, coatis, deer, and sloths.

A magnificent Catholic Church in San Ramon. A common sight throughout Costa Rica and much of Latin America.

A magnificent Catholic Church in San Ramon. A common ...

Within the city, you will find an impressive church, many excellent restaurants and shops, a variety of banks, a mall, and theatres. Just north of the main square is the Museo de San Ramón, which showcases the important role the city has played in Costa Rican history and culture. Known as "the city of presidents and poets," San Ramón has been home to many of Costa Rica’s great political and literary figures, such as former President Jose Figueres Ferrer, who abolished the country’s army and granted women the right to vote.

Most San Ramón residents are involved in farming and agriculture, so the weekly Saturday morning farmers markets, or "ferias del agricultor," are not to be missed. You will find a delicious variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables and coffee. Another festive San Ramón tradition occurs in August: San Ramón Day is a day of citywide celebration that includes music, dancing and parades of saints.