Shanghai, China
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Program Calendars

Shanghai, China | 2017-18 Yearlong

Program Deadlines
September 1, 2016 Application Opens, Early Admission Period Begins
March 15, 2017 Fall Early Admission Period Ends ($500 confirmation deposit is non-refundable)
June 1 Application Closes (Late application may be possible - contact USAC)
July 1 Fall Balance Due Deadline
August 1 Spring Confirmation Deposit Due/Refund Deadline
August 2 Fall Cancellation Deadline (no refunds after this date)
December 1 Spring Balance Due Deadline
December 20 Spring Cancellation Deadline (no refunds after this date)
Program Dates
August 22, 2017 Departure from the US on optional group flight (if on the optional tour)
August 23 Arrival in Beijing required by 5 pm (if on the tour)
August 23 - 28 Optional Beijing Tour
August 28 Arrival in Shanghai (all students)
Move into housing (all students)
August 29 Mandatory orientation
Tour of the university and neighborhood
August 31 Fall courses begin
September 2 Shanghai city tour
September 23 - 24 Overnight field trip—Zhenjiang & Yangzhou
October 1 - 4 Chinese National Holiday & Mid-Autumn Festival—no classes
October 21 Field trip—Water village
November 8 - 11 Optional Xi'an Field Study
December 11 - 15 Fall final examinations
January 16, 2018 Shanghai city tour
January 17 - 18 Overnight field trip—Suzhou & Tongli water village
January 22 Spring courses begin
February 9 - 10 Overnight field trip—Nanjing
February 16 Chinese New Year Holiday—no classes
March 21 - 24 Optional Chengdu & Guizhou Minority Tour
April 5 Qingming Festival Holiday (Tomb Sweeping Festival)—no classes
May 1 International Labor Day—no classes
May 7 - 11 Final examinations week (each class has a different finals day in the week)
Program end date coincides with date of last final exam
May 13 Move out of housing
Open return Students establish their own date of return

See Ready to Apply for additional information about the application process and Money Matters for more details regarding payment and cancellation deadlines. Payment of the Confirmation Deposit cannot be deferred. USAC reserves the right to make adjustments to fees or deadlines at any time.

Occasionally dates need to be changed or field trips modified. Refer back to this calendar often for the most current dates.