Shanghai, China
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Internships for Shanghai, China

Due to heightened concerns about student health and safety we are immediately suspending internship placements, volunteer work, and service-learning projects in health care facilities at all USAC program sites for the remainder of the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 academic terms. We will continue to monitor the situation and make a decision regarding the availability of these placements during the Fall 2020 semester in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please contact the USAC internship team at

Internships in Shanghai are offered during the semester and yearlong terms. Internships are optional and are included in your program fees. They range from 1-3 credits and are counted as part of your credit load. Interns earn credit, but no financial compensation. In addition to professional an dacademic experience, internships are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, meet locals, and practice your language skills.

Internship placements in Shanghai include:

  • HROne - A consulting firm offering market entry and corporate solutions to foreign companies in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. HROne specializes in employment solutions, payroll and mandatory benefits administration, company formation, invoicing service and accounting services. Positions in business development, content editing, digital marketing and IT/web design are available for USAC students. HROne has a diverse, international team. Students will be working collaboratively with Chinese and other internationals - 3 positions available. 
  • MusicLab - A start-up company that focuses on early childhood music stimulation and music education. They mainly target children between the ages of 1½ and 6, but also offer private lessons to all age groups. MusicLAB’s main goal is to make music fun, especially for children of “tiger moms.” Student duties will cover a wide range of office tasks, social media marketing projects, and event staffing. Office tasks may include file management, record keeping, and mailing documents. Graphic design and video editing skills will be utilized in social media marketing projects. Events may include expos to promote the company or student recitals - 3 positions available.         
  • Meaning Creators -A social organization founded to gather people with a quest for meaning and community. Individuals from all walks of life and ages meet fortnightly in different cities in China and seek to create meaningful ways individuals can contribute to create a more beautiful world. Students will assist with daily administrative duties, design and present new social media campaign ideas, monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback, prepare detailed promotional presentations, help with the planning and hosting of marketing events, and contribute to the creation of mock-ups, email campaigns, and social media content - 3 positions available.
  • DeepPink - An AIOT platform that promotes smart lifestyle management through a continuous monitoring of critical skin health markers and skincare product usage through connected devices and applications. Marketing interns will research the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) by channel in the beauty industry for both U.S. and China, map the potential KOLs for DeepPink launch in both markets, support product development milestones, and manage KOL engagement campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate leads and sales. Database research interns will build databases of U.S. beauty products, top dermatologists 
    and beauty salons by region, and ingredient research - 3 positions available. 
  • Spring Sprouts - A platform dedicated to teaching children how to read and communicate effectively in English. The academy has many years of experience and has a complete curriculum to cover ages from pre-school to middle school. Spring Sprouts also provides on-site teaching at students' homes - 3 positions available.
  • Fengfan Middle School - Students work as teaching interns to teach extra-curricular English classes at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels to Chinese middle school students - 3 positions available.

*Placement with a particular internship provider is not guaranteed.


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Junior standing (at time of internship)
  • Foreign language proficiency (some placements)

A $200 refundable fee is charged and returned upon successful completion of the internship. Placement is not guaranteed by USAC; rather it will be determined by your applications, supporting materials, and an interview with the internship sponsor on site.