Shanghai, China
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About Shanghai, China

  • Population: approx. 16 million
  • Distance from Beijing: 614 miles
  • Distance from Hong Kong: 764 miles
Good night Shanghai

Good night Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the world’s great cities. Its night skyline boasts thousands of colorful high rises, revealing the modern face of China—one of sophistication, big business, vibrant art and culture, and fine cuisine. At night, it becomes a spectacular cacophony of 60-story neon canvases where high-tech graphic artists try to outdo each other with dazzling displays. Armani, Sony-Erickson, Starbucks, Canon, Ikea, Dell, IBM, Hitachi, and Toshiba are just some of the businesses competing with gargantuan high definition plasma screens. They serve as a constant reminder and visual testimony of Shanghai’s startling transformation from heavy industry to services, logistics, and high technology. Since market restrictions were lifted, Shanghai has embraced the forces of business and design, shaping a fresh, new city that is sophisticated and innovative, defying the stereotypical notions of China.

M50 Art Galleries are a series of galleries featuring a variety of art forms.

M50 Art Galleries are a series of galleries featuring a ...

Shanghai also has a vibrant art, cultural, and cuisine scene. Many of the world’s greatest chefs have moved to Shanghai and world class theatre companies, dancers, musicians, and athletes make Shanghai a definite stop on the touring circuit. The attractions in the city are too many to list, however, a few of the most popular might include: the Shanghai Museum, whose collections date back almost 10,000 years; the spectacular Shanghai Grand Theatre; the Shanghai Art Museum; the Yu Garden and Bazaar; the Xintiandi restaurant and night life district; Huaihai Zhonglu shopping area (once the French Concession), with one of the largest concentrations of designer boutiques; and the Bund, the social gathering place and river walk along the Huang Pu River. The "first curve of Asia" on the high bridge above the Bund gives you a wonderful view of the Huang Pu River and all of its colonial buildings.

The social fabric of Shanghai is woven from the presence and contributions of people from around the world. These immigrants bring with them the energy and vitality for which the city is known. Yet you should not worry that the quaint ways of China are gone. Plenty are left, bringing with them their own challenges.

All of Shanghai is accessible with new underground stations, highways crisscrossing the city, and an inexpensive and extensive bus, train, and subway network. The ocean is also close, just a thirty-mile trip to the expansive Chinese coast.