Santiago, Chile

Internships for Santiago, Chile

The Santiago program offers a range of different internships to students with appropriate skills and qualifications. Qualified students may apply for internships designed to complement the academic program. Interns receive up to two credits in the summer or up to three credits in the semester, but no financial compensation. Students must send in their application forms prior to the start of the program with a precise definition of their field of interest. The schedule and the number of work hours will be determined by the schedule of USAC courses. Students are placed in a Spanish-speaking environment, with high exposure to culture and language.

Placement is not guaranteed by USAC, but determined by application to USAC and an interview with the internship sponsor once in Chile. It is important to note that the spring semester internships start in March, due to the Chilean summer break, and are therefore only eligible for 1-2 credits.

Internships fall into the broad categories of education, museums, design and communication, social work/social welfare, human rights, arts administration, non-profits, the environment, and hospitality. Specific opportunities include teaching English in a bilingual school; working in the design and communications department of an arts-based organization; giving workshops in a children’s hospital; working in the office of one of the most prestigious arts foundations in the country; developing environmental campaigns; and translating academic journals so that they can reach a wider audience. Example placement organizations include the following:

  • El Circo del Mundo*: a non-profit performing arts organization, founded in 1995 with the support of Cirque du Soleil, dedicated to the teaching, professionalization, and promotion of the circus in Chile by providing a training school in circus performance and programming for disadvantaged youth. Positions include office intern, language tutor/teacher, health/kinesiology/physiotherapy/nutrition, sport science, martial arts, or music/dance/circus.
  • Fundación Pablo Neruda (Pablo Neruda Foundation): foundation whose mission is to promote and preserve the poetic, artistic, and humanist legacy of the poet, to provide greater access to his work in Chile, and to offer a platform to support writers and artists.
  • Súmate: a non-profit organization whose mission is to work with children and at-risk youth to improve their educational and life skills for future employability, working with different age groups to provide tutoring and social support.
  • Chilextremo: an organization founded in 2009 to develop and operate adventure sports and tourism in Chile. They operate hostels, activities related to extreme sports at the beach, in the mountains, and in the city. Recently they have expanded into large-scale sporting events such as the first championship "Running Chile Challenge."
  • Hotel Acacias de Vitacura (Acacias Hotel): an attractive, four-star hotel in a quiet, residential area of Santiago. Positions include administration, human resources, communication in English, or other aspects of the hotel operations.
  • EDRAS (Chilean Dramatherapy School): positions include translating.
  • Museo La Merced
  • Maria Jesus Vergara: a home for children with cancer.

If interested, you will apply after you have been accepted into the program; consult the Internship Opportunities and Application document on Student Gateway for more information. Requirements are: four or more semesters of college Spanish, enrollment in the USAC Santiago program (both sessions for summer), a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, Track IV level of Spanish (Track III students may be considered in some circumstances), and junior standing at the time of the internship. A refundable fee of $100 is charged and returned upon successful completion of internship.

Examples marked with an asterisk have summer internships available; you'll need to attend both Summer Sessions I & II to participate.