Florianópolis, Brazil
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Internships for Florianópolis, Brazil

Internships in Florianópolis are offered during the summer, semester, and yearlong terms. Internships are optional and are included in your program fees. They range from 1-3 credits and are counted as part of your credit load. Interns earn credit, but no financial compensation. In addition to professional and academic experience, internships are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, meet locals, and practice your language skills.

Internship placements in Florianópolis include:

  • Parque Estadual Do Rio Vermelho (PAERVE) - A conservation unit working to preserve the Atlantic Forest, the sandbank vegetation, and their fauna as well as keeping natural water resources balanced - 2 positions available.
  • Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade - Brazilian government organization promoting environmental protection and preservation, and operating conservation research units such as the Carijós Ecological Station - 2 positions available.
  • Instituto Çarakura - Environmental education, forest restoration, management of conservation units, ecological gardening, ecological sanitation, bioconstruction, and permaculture - 2 positions available.
  • UFSC Colégio de Aplicação - English language teaching - 2 positions available.
  • Círculos de Hospitalidade (PLAM Project) - Portuguese language teaching program at an NGO fostering connections between host communities and refugees - 2 positions available.
  • Fundação Vidal Ramos - Social welfare research and education programs for children and teens from low income families - 2 positions available.
  • Community Vegetable Garden Pacuca - Part of the local neighbors association (Amocam), which promotes organic farming, a healthy diet, and social integration - 2 positions available.
  • Grupo de Apoio a Imigrantes e Refugiados em Florianópolis e Região - An organization promoting activities to help immigrants and refugees - 2 positions available.
  • Casa São José - Before and after school program for low income children - 2 positions available.
  • Centro Cultural Escrava Anastácia - A cultural center that provides classes and workshops for young people - 2 positions available.
  • Cooperativa de Pais, Amigos e Portadores de Deficiência (COEPAD) - Provides workshops for those with intellectual disabilities - 2 positions available
  • Espaço Pixurum - An organization that provides support for the homeless, immigrants, and refugees - 2 positions available.
  • Resultados Digitais - A consulting company that advises businesses on digital marketing projects - 2 positions available.

*Placement with a particular internship provider is not guaranteed.


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Junior standing (at time of internship)
  • Foreign language proficiency (some placements)

A $200 refundable fee is charged and returned upon successful completion of the internships. Placement is not guaranteed by USAC; rather it will be determined by your application, supporting materials, and an interview with the internship sponsor on site. To intern in a Portuguese-speaking environment, you must be able to communicate at an advanced language level.