Florianópolis, Brazil
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Field Trips for Florianópolis, Brazil

All programs include a tour of the Island of Santa Catarina following orientation. You are also encouraged to participate in the organized field trips, listed below. Dates and locations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director and they vary from session and session and semester to semester. Common destinations include the following. In addition to the including program field trips, you'll also have field trips as part of many of your courses and have numerous informal activities that expose you to the local culture as well.

Tour of Santa Catarina

A day-long tour of the island to discover the natural and historical beauty of your study abroad destination. The tour will include visits to famous beaches, rocks, lagoons and one of Florianopolis’ most beautiful old settlements, Santo Antonio da Lisboa. Included will be a picnic overlooking the principal lake of the island, Lagoa da Conceição.


Visit the historical city of Blumenau, one of the principal centers of German immigration in southeastern Brazil. A highly attractive German settlement founded in 1850, it still maintains many German traditions and customs. Featuring Alpine architecture and many historical buildings, it is a perfect place to explore old Europe against a backdrop of modern Brazil. While the center is a picture postcard of nineteenth-century Germany, the city's outskirts offer a prime example of Brazilian industrialization. This day trip will consist of a tour of Blumenau given by a local guide and a view of the gorgeous Itajaí Valley surrounding the city.

Lagoinha do Leste

This trip will involve doing one of the most gorgeous hikes on the island (and in all of southern Brazil), taking you to a deserted beach on the eastern shore which is only accessible by walking. On the way you will visit the quaint fishing village of Armação and after the hike, a lunch in Pántano do Sul, another quiet settlement further south.


The town of Laguna is famous in Brazil for being the residence of one of the most famous women in the country's history: Anita Garibaldi. The wife of the Italian revolutionary took part in Brazil's first independence movement in the eighteenth century and today you can visit her home and a nearby museum dedicated to her colorful and eventful life. This day trip will include visits to a traditional Portuguese quinta (country manor) and to a beautiful lighthouse.

Porto Belo

This unique day trip is ideal for anyone interested in the sea. Take a journey up the coast to Porto Belo, an idyllic island less than a mile offshore. The trip will include a boat trip to discover the surrounding area and to learn about the local marine life, as well as an ecological trail that leads to the top of the island where there are ancient rock inscriptions.

São Francisco do Sul

Discover the historic settlement of São Francisco do Sul, an enclave of Portuguese origin that became the first village of Santa Catarina with the arrival of bandeirantes (explorers) from São Paulo in the seventeenth century. The center boasts 150 historic buildings, and walking through it will feel like taking a step back in time and living in colonial Brazil. As well as a walking tour, we will visit the port, considered the best natural harbor in the South of Brazil, and come into contact with some of the local fishing traditions of the region.

Whale Watching Trip

The whale watching season begins in July and you will have a unique opportunity to encounter southern right whales on their journey from Antarctic waters to give birth and nurture their young off the southern Brazilian coast. The day trip will involve a journey to the stunning bay of Imbituba, south of Florianópolis, to view whales and dolphins.