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Living Accommodations for Florianópolis, Brazil

Due to the availability in accommodations during the program period, not all of these housing options may be available for the Fall 2020 program. Please contact your Program Advisor for more information.

All accommodations are located in the center of the island, as close to the university as possible. The university is served well by a regular bus service. Inexpensive student dining halls are available for lunch and snacks. We offer three different housing options:


Staying with a host family gives you the chance of fully immersing in the Brazilian culture.

Staying with a host family is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture, quickly improve your Portuguese, and meet locals. Your family will welcome you into their home and provide various services including meals. Host families will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend this option if your priority is to learn the language as quickly as possible.

Room Rentals

Live with Brazilians (families or students) in a shared home; this is also a good option for speaking the language. It is similar to a homestay but does not include the additional services like meals: essentially you are renting a room in someone’s home.

Shared Apartments

Shared apartments involve living with USAC and other international students, close to the university. This option offers a bit more independence and is good for students with particularly strict dietary requirements or other preferences.

Quick Details

2020-21 App. Cycle

Fall: Open

Spring: Open

2021-22 App. cycle

Summer programs: Opens 9/1

Fall/Yearlong: Opens 9/1

Spring: Opens 9/1


Minimum GPA: 2.5

Program Type



US Credit

Program Capacity

60 students


English | Portuguese


BRASA: Brazilian Studies Association

Passport & Visa

Passport & Visa Information