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Student Services and Support

USAC program fees include a wide array of support to students before, during, and after a study abroad experience.


USAC offers a wide range of services to students prior to departure. Even as you apply, our Application Specialists work with you to assure that your application is completed on time and help you reach approval status as quickly as possible so that you can start more detailed planning right away. Each student who has been accepted into one of our programs has a dedicated Program Team, drawing from the expertise of our professionals in each USAC department.

The USAC program advisor (from the Student Information Department) advises on pre-departure matters, including passport and visa guidance, group flight arrangements, and other pre-departure details. Advisors also send periodic student updates with information ranging from packing tips to insights on cultural norms in the host country that they may not expect. Each advisor helps the students make the best housing choice based on their lifestyle and assists with questions that may arise. Other members of each Program Team from the Enrollment and Finance departments are dedicated to help with registration and credits, financial aid, billing, and other aspects of your pre-departure preparation. Registration Specialists handle your course enrollment for USAC Specialty programs and assist you and your advisor with questions about courses and transcripts, etc.The Enrollment Department also provides advice for students with disabilities or health considerations.

All staff are also happy to assist home university staff or parents with any questions.

Additional pre-departure resources include:


On-site support varies depending on whether students participate on a Specialty or Partnership program.

Students participating on Specialty programs have access to 24-hour support from a Resident Director. Resident Directors offer airport pick-up for those on the group flight and organizes a mandatory on-site orientation. The Resident Director secures housing for all students and develops immersion opportunities, which may include internships , service learning, volunteer placements, and language partners among others. In addition, each Resident Director organizes USAC field trips and activities. In general, students also have access to the on-campus resources of the host university.

On Partnership programs, students are supported by the staff of the host university international programs office, which organizes an orientation and provides general support with regards to course registration, travel tips, housing recommendations. USAC students have full access to on-campus resources including library privileges , workout facilities, computer labs, and the ability to participate in student clubs and activities. The International Programs staff may also organize field trips that USAC students may participate in. In general, students are more independent on Partnership programs.

Upon Return

All USAC students receive a re-entry email from their Program Advisor that welcomes them home and informs them about what to expect regarding reverse culture shock.

USAC’s Enrollment Services Department assists students with obtaining transcripts from their time abroad and provides a complimentary interpretation of foreign university transcripts, grades and credits. USAC encourages students to share their photos and stories. Additionally, USAC offers advice and provides suggestions on how students can leverage their study abroad experience . Additional information can be found on the Alumni section of the website.