Informational Documents

Important program information and forms will be posted to your Student Gateway account. Make sure to read these documents thoroughly in order to be aware of upcoming dates and deadlines, requirements, instructions, and useful contact information. Informational documents will be published consecutively leading up to your departure date. The following are some of the documents that will be provided:

  • Planning Guide — Information on the required/recommended steps that all students should complete prior to departure. Steps are organized chronologically to clarify when each task should be finalized.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) — Site-specific information regarding fun activities, transportation, and other commonly asked questions about your program site.
  • Visa Guide — Specific information about visa requirements including detailed instructions on how to apply for your student visa (if needed).
  • Arrival Guide — Arrival information and explicit instructions for traveling to the program site or orientation hotel. It also includes the emergency contact information of the on-site staff, your mailing address abroad, information about temporary lodging and luggage storage, and program calendar dates.