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Parent Testimonials

We felt that the entire USAC process and program was great, they answered any questions we had both before and during the semester, And our son Daniel spoke very highly of the Prague staff, Jan and Dasa. Personally I felt that USAC delivered on all that it promised and that is a rare quality in a study abroad progam. - Stephen Levine, parent of USAC Prague student
This was a wonderful, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for our daughter. The fusion of a small historic town and a first-rate university generates great synergies. And where else is a “Roman civilization” class actually held in the Forum, or a cinema class held at Fellini's studio? We are also grateful for the travel opportunities provided, as well as the opportunities for outside activities (internships, radio shows, UN participation). Our thanks go out to the entire USAC team, in the US and Italy, for making our daughter feel safe, welcome and valued, and for providing an exceptional learning experience. - Mark Dudley, parent of USAC Viterbo student
The program in Pau, France and the family that hosted my son exceeded my expectations. The experience in culture and language was a phenomenal learning experience that accelerated his abilities and enhanced his appreciation of the country and its people. Well done, USAC! - Mark Freybler, parent of USAC Pau student
What a wonderful experience this was for my daughter. USAC gave her the opportunity to earn college credits, earn money teaching English to Spanish students and learn about the world. When she came home she seemed more confident and mature. You have a wonderful program and I'm glad she had this opportunity. - Susan Ballesteros, parent of USAC Bilbao/Getxo student
Our daughter had a fabulous experience! Thank you. We had her take care of everything so she would be prepared for the journey. - Joe Pagitt, parent of USAC Alicante student
Her host family was very supportive and welcoming. This was my daughter's first trip away from the United States and her enjoyment of her host family made her trip wonderful and it made me feel very comforted. She was comfortable with them from the beginning of the stay. - Windy Willette, parent of USAC Alicante student
It was a wonderful experience all around. The program was great and so was Alicante and the University of Alicante. The housing was a perfect location and my son really enjoyed his roommates and getting to know other students from around the world. - Rachelle Barri, parent of USAC Alicante student
I feel having these programs available to students enables them to see other parts of the world and experience other cultures. My student has expressed being very pleased with her experience and in her own words, “The BEST experience I've had culturally and socially. I plan to go back once I graduate.” - Rosalia Tapia, parent of USAC Auckland student
It was just right. We appreciated the letter suggesting that we give our kids the freedom to make their own choices in this endeavor. We tried to do that. It's almost impossible to do, since so much money, planning schedules, etc. are involved. But we were reasonably hands off. Our daughter grew into a much more “aware” adult young woman. She also gained much experience in having conversations with those who don't understand or appreciate American values. - Alan Kaska, parent of USAC Cork student
I think it was very important to tell parents that a major portion of the study abroad program was for the student to develop independence and confidence. We therefore stepped back and let her work things out for herself and were impressed with how well she did. It was also important to know the emotional highs and lows she would experience so we didn't panic when she got homesick. One thing that was really rewarding for us was how much our daughter showed her appreciation to us for making this possible, how rich the experience was for her, how much she changed and how happy she was to return home. - Ralph Nordstrom, parent of USAC Oslo student
My daughter is on her second USAC semester. I have been VERY impressed with everything including the travel arrangements, housing, programs, staff. EXCELLENT work by everyone. - Carol Abram, parent of USAC Puntarenas student
They were very friendly and very helpful. They answered all my concerns and questions to my satisfaction. I loved the whole program. It was a growth experience for my child that she will cherish her entire life. She was exposed to new cultures and was able to live in a culture which provides a complete new path of development for the student. They see life in a whole new way. They couldn't get that from just visiting in the country. They have to emmerce themselves in the culture. - Ruth Olesen, parent of USAC Reggio Emilia student
I liked the program. I am glad he chose Vaxjo,Sweden, since it was such a lovely community. He met great life-long friends from around the world. The citizens of the town made him feel very welcomed and he actually got to know some of the local business owners. We went to visit him when the semester ended in December. It was definitely a growing experience for both our son and our family. - Sheri Trimboli, parent of USAC Växjö student
My daughter had an amazing experience. She took advantage of all the sponsored outings and the Heart of Italy field trip. The courses were just the right amount of work so that she could still take advantage of living in Europe and travel a lot. I would recommend this program to other families. - Kris Gaskins, parent of USAC Viterbo student
She had a great experience and I was happily uninvolved in all of the details and planning. It was her experience; we didn't need to horn in on it! Her host family was absolutely wonderful and extended their hospitality to Kate's brother and sister when they came to Italy at the end of the semester-had the three for Christmas! Thank you! - Anne Wolf, parent of USAC Viterbo student
This was a wonderful experience for our daughter. She took full advantage of the field trips and became our Italian guide. She enhanced her confidence, increased her independence and grew greater trust of herself. - John McInnis, parent of USAC Viterbo student