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Health and Safety

All USAC students are required to have health insurance coverage while studying abroad. Unless otherwise specified in the program agreement, USAC purchases health insurance on the student’s behalf. The cost is included in the program fees. Specific health insurance information is available on the Student Gateway account. Before departure, be sure your student obtains the appropriate immunizations and medications as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and/or your physician. If you or your student has any questions regarding medical matters, you should consult your doctor.

If your student is taking any prescription medication, he or she will need to bring a sufficient supply to last through the duration of the program. Medicine that is mailed may be stopped and searched or seized by customs officials. Always carry prescription drugs in the original container with a prescription label showing the student's name, the instructions for use, and the name and dosage of the medication. Read more about these topics in the Health and Safety section.