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Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Billing

Financial aid and scholarships can be applied to USAC program fees. There are many opportunities for financial aid from institutional, state, federal, or private sources. Students are encouraged to apply for all financial aid/scholarship opportunities available to them. USAC offers scholarships and provides links to other possible scholarships for which students may apply, and students can also search online for additional opportunities. Applying for financial aid/scholarships can be a time sensitive process and students are responsible for knowing any and all deadlines, terms, and conditions regarding their financial aid and scholarships. If you have any questions about how financial aid or scholarships can be applied to your student's program, please speak to our Accounting Department. Students are also encouraged to talk to our USAC Scholarship Coordinator.

Program fees and payment deadlines are outlined on this website in each program section, however, once your student has been accepted into the USAC program, they will have access to his or her USAC Student Gateway account. This will become the central resource for all deadlines, invoices, and transactions. Payment instructions are also posted there.

Additional information about financial aid and scholarships and billing can be found in the Money Matters section.