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Study Abroad Programs

USAC offers a wide variety of programs which cross many academic disciplines. To find the best program for your student, they should identify their goals and other considerations such as:

  • Program location
  • Courses/Credits
  • Duration
  • Living arrangements
  • Price and living expenses
  • Languages offered

Specific information about each program is available both online as well as in our catalog, which we are happy to send to you upon request. If you or your student have more specific questions, you may contact us directly to speak with a USAC Program Advisor. These advisors can help by providing specific information about the program and providing detailed information to prepare for the program, including paperwork, travel arrangements, and/or application for a visa. Students may also speak to Peer Advisors who are recent alumni of USAC programs to get a student's perspective about a study abroad experience.

You and your student should make yourselves aware of specific USAC information such as:

  • Application deadlines
  • Program costs and fees
  • Payment due dates
  • Estimated personal expenses
  • Program calendar and important dates
  • Course offerings