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2022 Affordable Study Abroad Programs

Student studies abroad in Santiago, Chile.

When it comes to studying abroad, many students want to know, "how much does it cost?" and, "can I afford to study abroad?" The simple answer is, yes you can!

As a nonprofit, USAC is dedicated to providing you with the most affordable study abroad programs available because we believe every student deserves a chance to experience an international education.

With USAC, you can explore non-traditional study abroad locations at an affordable price.

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How Do We Compare to Other Providers?

See how some of USAC's most popular and affordable programs compare to other study abroad companies in the chart below.

China $5,580
Costa Rica $5,980
(Heredia, San Ramón)
(San Ramón)
South Korea (Seoul) $6,680 N/A $19,450 $11,995
Spain (Madrid) $8,580 $13,995 $18,450 $13,950
Czech Republic (Prague) $8,780 $13,495 $20,450 $12,995
England (London) $9,980 $16,995 $23,450 $18,650

*USAC program costs include tuition and fees, student health insurance, field trips and courses. Other study abroad organizations' fees may or may not include the same.

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