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Affordable Study Abroad Programs

You don’t need a lot of money to study abroad. USAC provides cheap study abroad programs in more than 50 cities throughout the world.

Compare some of our most popular and affordable programs with other study abroad organizations.

Madrid, Spain $8,580 $13,995 $18,450 $13,950
Prague, Czech Republic $8,780 $13,495 $20,450 $12,995
Costa Rica $5,980 (Heredia, Puntarenas, San Ramón) $11,495 (San Jose) $17,450 (Monteverde) $8995 (Heredia)
China $5,580 (Shanghai) $15,495 (Suzhou) $16,450 (Shanghai) $11,950 (Shanghai)
London, England $9,980 $16,995 $23,450 $18,650
Brazil $5,980 (Florianópolis) N/A $16,450 (Rio de Janeiro) $8,450 (Florianópolis)
Seoul, South Korea $6,680 N/A $19,450 $11,995
India $4,580 (Bengaluru) $12,995 (Hyderabad) $12,250 (Hyderabad) N/A
Khon Kaen, Thailand $5,380 N/A $17,450 N/A
Kraków, Poland $5,980 N/A N/A N/A
Australia $8,480 (Melbourne and Gold Coast) $15,995 (Perth) $22,450 (Perth) $14,495 (Gold Coast)

*USAC program costs include tuition and fees, student health insurance, field trips and courses. Other study abroad organizations' fees may or may not include the same.

With USAC, you can explore non-traditional study abroad locations at an affordable price.

Students work together to prepare and enjoy jackfruit.

Students prepare jackfruit together

Downtown Pau

Downtown Pau

Hill Tribe Village field trip

Hill Tribe Village field trip

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