Health & Safety
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On-Site Orientation

All USAC Programs

All USAC programs begin with a comprehensive, mandatory on-site orientation. These orientations provide students with a general introduction to the country, city, and program as well as important health and safety information. This on-site information builds upon the pre-departure resources students receive, including the Student Toolkit (sent to all students and parents before the program), that details health and safety recommendations, pre-departure tips, and general travel advice.

Specialty Programs

The USAC Resident Director is responsible for conducting the on-site orientation for Specialty programs. During the orientation, the Resident Director and on-site staff provide important information on topics ranging from site-specific health and safety tips, emergency contact numbers, insurance, course schedule, cultural information, and much more.

Partnership Programs

Host universities on Partnership programs offer a university-organized orientation for all international students, which includes USAC students. These orientations give students site-specific health and safety tips, international student expectations, and other resources to ensure student well-being.