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USAC Insurance Information

All U.S. students are covered under USAC health insurance, unless otherwise noted in the student’s USAC Program Agreement, which includes comprehensive international health insurance, administered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Students participating in programs in Australia, New Zealand, and Israel are covered under local university insurance providers (see below for more information). If you are a student from one of our partner universities in countries other than the U.S., please speak to your local international office about whether you are covered under USAC insurance.

The mandatory insurance is included in the program fee and cannot be deducted. The CISI policy is designed to supplement private insurance by providing additional coverage for the cost of accidents and routine sicknesses while abroad.

A complete description of the benefits and provisions of the CISI insurance policy, including dates of coverage, benefits, the claim process and contact information is included with the participant acceptance materials, which can be found on the student’s USAC Student Gateway account. The same brochure can also be requested from USAC.

Insurance Claims

The USAC health insurance policy for the majority of programs, does not have a deductible, you should not have to pay for any situation fully covered under the policy. However, in some cases, you may have to make the full payment up front and then wait to be reimbursed upon submission of your receipts/claim. Take an emergency-only credit card to cover such unexpected costs while abroad. Save all receipts to present to your insurance company along with a claim form. If severe illness occurs, please make sure that the insurance company is notified immediately to avoid paying large fees up front. The contact information for the insurance company is on your insurance card. Some campus support services may not be available on all campuses abroad; you will be financially responsible for any necessary treatment that is not covered by the USAC insurance or your private health insurance.

Extending Insurance

The USAC insurance policy covers the period from the group departure date to the program end date. The option to purchase travel insurance for additional time is available if you wish to travel before or after the program dates. It is your responsibility to contact the USAC insurance provider or any other insurance provider for coverage extension. The USAC insurance provider contact information is provided prior to departure in the USAC updates, and you must contact the USAC insurance provider directly for additional coverage.

Property and Travel Insurance

The decision to take your personal belongings is yours. Similar to your living accommodations at your home university, it is your responsibility to insure your personal property while abroad, traveling, and in your USAC arranged housing. Your valuables, such as electronic devices, may be covered already under your renter's/homeowner's insurance policies or through your credit card provider. If they are not, check with your personal insurance providers (e.g. auto insurance) to see which policies they may offer. USAC strongly recommends you purchase additional property and/or liability coverage, which is not currently available through CISI.