Health & Safety
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Emergency Preparation

US citizens are strongly encouraged to register with the US Department of State in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) so that the US Embassy may contact them in case of an emergency at home or if a situation arises in the program country. The process is free and can be done online at the STEP website. Students should update their contact information for STEP after they arrive on-site. Non-US students should contact their country's embassy to enquire about similar services.

For more government travel updates and resources, visit the links below:

The Director of Student Information monitors health and safety information on a daily basis for any world events that may affect program sites and/or students.

Specialty Programs

On USAC Specialty programs, students receive contact information for the Resident Director and on-site staff as well as other important contact information (US Embassy, hospital, local police, taxi, etc.) during the on-site orientation. All students are also given detailed emergency procedure information (e.g. communication process, rendezvous locations, etc.) and are reminded of their obligation to inform on-site staff of any travel plans when traveling independently.

Each Specialty program site is registered at the appropriate US Embassy and Consulate, ensuring that the Resident Director is aware of current conditions and can be contacted, if necessary.

Partnership Programs

On USAC Partnership programs, students covered under USAC insurance receive a laminated card in the mail along with a copy of the Arrival Update approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the program.