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Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Information and Resources

See our Coronavirus section for information, resources, and tips related to the Coronavirus.

October 12

Fall 2020 Refunds

Fall 2020 cancellation refunds have been completed and are estimated to be mailed by mid-October 2020. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. If you have additional refund questions, please send them to, and a USAC staff member will respond within 48 hours.

September 8

Fall 2020 Refunds

Due to the volume of refunds, we have not been able to provide Fall program cancellation refunds as quickly as anticipated. They are currently estimated to be mailed mid-September through October 2020. Please double check that your mailing address is correct in your USAC Gateway account and notify your Enrollment Specialist to make changes to your account as soon as possible to help expedite the refund process. Please accept our sincere apology for the delay and thank you for your patience. If you have additional refund questions, please send them to, and a USAC staff member will respond within 48 hours.

August 26

Fall 2020 Update

USAC is welcoming Fall 2020 students to its programs in South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. We are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation and plan to move forward with in-person Spring 2021 programs at this time.

April 15

Summer Session II Update

Given the Covid-19 status worldwide, as well as visa and travel limitations, we have decided to cancel the following programs for Summer Session II.

  • Please refer to individual program web pages for specific closure information.
  • Cancelled programs:
    • China (Chengdu, Shanghai)
    • Cuba
    • England (London)
    • Ghana
    • India
    • Ireland (Galway)
    • Poland
    • Thailand (Khon Kaen only)
  • Deadline extensions: Application deadlines for late summer programs have been extended.
  • Flight Recommendations: We anticipate that changes to programs will be necessary. For this reason, we recommend that students delay purchasing flights or only purchase flights that are fully refundable by the airline. Decisions regarding additional Summer 2020 program operations and changes will be announced by May 15.

Re: programs not listed above: we remain optimistic and hopeful that the situation will improve so that travel restrictions may be lifted in time for us to proceed with summer sessions with later start dates in July/August.

USAC’s goal is to continue to support students’ aspirations and dreams of studying abroad. Therefore, we plan not to cancel programs prematurely until we are certain onsite operations will not be available. We continue to monitor the health and safety status at all sites daily.

New Virtual Options: USAC Global Perspectives

We are excited to announce that USAC will be offering students two ways to gain a global perspective this summer. Full details will be announced by April 20, but here’s a sneak peek of the offerings:

  • Online courses offered by top USAC faculty from around the world in the fields of business; communications; health and wellness; language, literature and the arts; international studies; education; and culture and society. 3 or 6 credits.
  • Virtual internships in marketing, digital communications, translation, and teaching English as a foreign language. 3 credits.

As with so many other businesses and universities, the coronavirus has us strategizing and rethinking how we deliver the study abroad experience to you in new ways. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities.

April 6

Something to Celebrate

This week we're celebrating the culmination of the major effort it took to bring study abroad courses online for students who were impacted by COVID-19. A big thank you and shout out goes to everyone who played a role to make this happen — from the USAC Central Office team and overseas staff and faculty to partner universities and our resilient students – the dedication and adaptability it has taken to make this happen quickly certainly embodies the principles of study abroad. The saying “It takes a village” has an entirely new benchmark.

April 2

Timing of Refunds

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time affecting over 50 USAC programs and over 1,500 students. The scale of this global event combined with host university closures, international time zone differences, and staff working remotely make quick answers difficult to provide. Under normal circumstances, refunds take six to eight weeks; however, due to the complexity of the situation, we anticipate refund decisions and processing to take approximately 12 weeks after the program end date. Please note that each student will receive one refund check from USAC once details are obtained. More information can be found in the FAQs that were sent to each student.

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