Galway, Ireland Advising Guides

The following is a list of USAC Specialty Program courses scheduled to be offered in the upcoming academic terms and their corresponding UNR equivalents. Please visit for course details and speak with your academic advisor to see how these courses fit into your University of Nevada, Reno degree program.

2023 Summer

Course offerings are subject to meeting minimum student enrollments and are subject to change.

UNR # UNR Course Credits USAC Courses (name of course taught abroad)
ANTH 499 Independent Research 1 In Search of Irish Roots: Tracing Your Family Genealogy
ENG 425A Study of Literary Themes 3 Modern Irish Literature: From Celtic Twilight to Celtic Tiger
HIST 497 Independent Study 1 In Search of Irish Roots: Tracing Your Family Genealogy
HIST 498 Advanced Historical Studies 3 Troubling the Past: The Place of History in Ireland’s Modern Emergence
MUS 495 Independent Study 3 Irish Music - Performance, Transmission, and Practice
THTR 473 Theatrical Periods 3 Re-Staging Irishness: Pasts, Presents, and Futures of Irish Theatre
WLL 295 Independent Language Study 1 Dublin Field Study: Exploring the Sites of 1916 and the War of Independence
WLL 295 Independent Language Study 3 Introduction to the Gaelic Language