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2022 Spring Accelerated

The Spring Accelerated term offers you the option take up to 12 credits abroad in less than 90 days from January to March and does not require a student visa in some locations. It's ideal for winter quarter students or those looking to study abroad in less time and a wide range of courses are available - from language and culture courses to science, business, international affairs and the arts. USAC scholarships are available for the Spring Accelerated term.

Find 2022 Spring Accelerated program details below. Visit the program to find additional details such as fees, courses, activities and calendars.

2022 Spring Accelerated Program Details

See program details below. Housing and other fees may be applicable. Program dates, courses and deadlines may change.



Academic Disciplines


Application Deadline

Czech Republic


European politics, culture, the arts and journalism.
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Nov. 15

Italy Viterbo

Italian language, culture, art and art history
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$6,280 Nov. 15



Spanish culture, language and literature and international business.
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Nov. 15

Last updated: 24 September 2021