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Course Registration

Registration procedures vary, depending on the program. Consult the registration information in your Student Gateway account for guidance. Be sure to check your registration with your academic advisor before you depart from the US and document any course approvals for your records. It is helpful to have at least one to two alternative courses that have been approved by your academic advisor in case you change your registration for any reason. It is also helpful to take along your advisor’s email address should you need to make contact while abroad. Take note of whether there are prerequisites before registering. Note: USAC reserves the right to cancel any course or program if circumstances beyond its control warrant doing so.

Specialty programs

For simplicity, we have employed generic course titles and numbers (100-200 lower division; 300-400 upper division; 400/600 graduate credit option). If you are interested in enrolling for graduate credit, contact the USAC Central Office for more information prior to departure. You will be registered through one of the USAC Affiliate Universities, using course titles and numbers appropriate to that institution. Check with your home university advisor or USAC Central Office Enrollment Department for course equivalencies.

Partnership programs

These programs differ greatly as they are based on the host university procedures. Registration guidelines unique to your host university will be in your Student Gateway account.